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The Safeguard

Posted: September 27, 2017 in Poetry

His shadow pads at my heel
The light flickers, a shield gently shimmers
Uncloaked is the darkness, raw is the cold
Carried are the destroyers of old
Squashed apples become the feast of your mind
Winding paths carve protection where
Layered fear peels away
The light, the fire, the pain
Safeguard leads and he follows
He sleeps in among thieves
There in the morning, a reminder of life
The Safeguard doesn’t speak
He lays silent by my side.


Bled Dry

Posted: September 17, 2017 in Poetry

Old muscle weak bone 

Grey and tired side by side


Deep cracks thread veins 

Borrowed blood pooled low


Cast away broken set

Forgotten hand in hand

a debt

Creased lines folded dry

Paper love story sold

this lie

Choice chooses decide

Free will to stay run

or hide

Over fed body pained

Heart head waxed


Pink Rabbit

Posted: August 23, 2017 in Poetry
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When I looked,
he was muddling through with a pink bunny in his hand.

No fist full of money and
no time left in the quicksand.

The Wall

Posted: August 5, 2016 in Poetry, Uncategorized

I build a little wall, make it proud and strong
With a lowered glance and an armour of spike and prong
It’s taller than it needs to be, adourned with broken glass
Behind it, the girl will pick her theatre mask
Catch a glimpse; a reflection of what you thought
Reach out to the illusion, it shatters what is caught

The wall is promise, it’s truth and most of all fear
It makes you furthest from the heart, when all you are is near
If you linger too long and look upon the burly truss
The bridge you thought you made will crumble into dust
Everything to be won and lost and to crave
Revealed in the sluice; a crashing down wave

I’ll give you one of those girls and you can be free
A promise, a truth, a fear which will it be?
Too many masks feature, in this strange play
Tracks in every direction, all leading the wrong way
Stop. Turnaround. Forget and go back
The wall is a maze; a code you’ll never crack


A broken nail tale

Posted: June 15, 2016 in Poetry

I liken my life to a set of fingernails. Sometimes they are beautifully manicured; full of colour, free from imperfections and of equal length. Other times they are broken, the polish grown out, flaked and chipped.
I let them get worse and do nothing about it; the gap between cuticle and nail is a warning.
I might pick at them, aggravating the problem.
Ocasionally I might file a jagged edge.
It feels like they grow really fast and then suddenly, achingly slow.
In desperation, I gnaw at the skin around the nail.
This might solve the problem.
When my sabotage doesn’t work though, I cut them all off.
They are raw and touch sensitive but, the dead is cut away.
They still look horrible and then they only grow.
Their growth is tainted with unkempt. Eventually I have to accept intervention. Stripping bare to reveal the divots, the ridges and white clouds.
These can’t be painted over, they need time to repair.
While I wait I paint my toenails.
One day soon someone will save my fingernails.
Total overhaul,  they will be healthy and strong. A new colour a new shape.  Maybe one day they can be naked, bare and content.
Maybe I don’t need varnish to restore my faith.
I long for the day they are just there and free me from such constant maintenance.
I wish they could be pretty all of the time.

If death could be my friend

Posted: March 29, 2016 in Poetry, Uncategorized
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I’d like to know you better
You who hides in my daily fears
I’d like to hear you sing
Off pitch and you’re out of time
Death – the survivor of life
If I could only feel your touch
Like a feather faintly on my skin
We could be friends in the sun of cold spring
Clinging to dreams that melt away
We would sit on a wall, talk a while
Maybe I could see you up ahead
Like a raincloud blustering through
You’d be my forgotten umbrella
In the worst storm of my life
I wouldn’t share you and
When you came to take my hand
I wouldn’t be scared
What if everyday I was grateful?
Because you loved me just a little bit.
You could write my name in the sand
Tell me I was the only one
Sit with me in my sweet and lonely fear
Death tell me a story, where we’re together forever
You visited suddenly took some others away
But I knew you better and
If I remembered you like a first kiss
You’d be by my side and envelop me free
There’ll be nothing left except
The exhale of my very last breath
I’d wish I’d known you better
You are my whole life, death.

All of your systems are down

Posted: March 8, 2016 in Poetry

You never even saw me.
Blind drunk and full of rage, you were
Trying too hard, to make your boring life
Stand out from your story’s page.

You fell in an instant.
Out of favour with your own mind,
Sobbing in the dark, deranged.
Failing to see, too lost to find.

I was there all the time.
Watching you wanting more,
Another drink, a better time, a folded hand.
Now you’re crawling back to bland.

Don’t think I’m yours to vanquish,
My spirit you could never quell,
This downtrodden fear, it thunders,
Up from that old forgotten well.

Now I really see you.
It’s only you that can allay this pain.
The broken pieces of hurt are lost – forgotten.
For I will never show myself again.


Moon People

Posted: July 11, 2015 in Poetry

I am the girl with the tearaway face
There’s a couple they just got to get out of this place
There’s a girl she’s lost by the youth
And a girl skinny and proudly aloof
There’s a boy he’s leaving anyway
A girl talking til the break day
One of them she don’t say very much
Drinking keeping them all out of touch
When the rain comes the laughter screams
The boy with the darkness reams
The music’s stopped the quiet girl sings
The girl with the cuts is not what she seems
Two people either side, talk in the gloom about the girl next door
The speaker’s in the rain, all distorted
The boys are talking it’s all reported
The rain pours harder and harder
The sound gets under the tearaway space
We’ve got to get out of this place
The people on the moon
Loosing without a trace
The rain dampens the laughing ceases
the night closes.
I am the girl with the tearaway face
Gone in a flash, without a trace

The Underbelly

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Poetry

I am the underbelly
The creeper in your dreams
I seek the bedrock out
To dampen down your screams
I lurk within the core
This place it has a heart
Hidden from view
The darkness is the deepest part
I am the underbelly
The underside of you
Vulnerable and weak
Exposed and broken through
I was here to help you
To wash away the pain
But the underbelly surpasses
It’s taken over, taken reign
I am the underbelly
My pain it knows no yield
I am the underbelly
I use it as my shield.

A page in a book

Posted: February 26, 2015 in Poetry
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Existence strikes a promise
Tongue and touch seized me
My resolution formed a kindness
Reasoned only with fate

I shelter in you I seek to care
Not a duty done
All sorts of passionately
A danger and a blessing

Reflections stood close
I fancied I smiled
In my secret heart
I loved – it gleamed through the dark