The Wall

Posted: August 5, 2016 in Poetry, Uncategorized

I build a little wall, make it proud and strong
With a lowered glance and an armour of spike and prong
It’s taller than it needs to be, adourned with broken glass
Behind it, the girl will pick her theatre mask
Catch a glimpse; a reflection of what you thought
Reach out to the illusion, it shatters what is caught

The wall is promise, it’s truth and most of all fear
It makes you furthest from the heart, when all you are is near
If you linger too long and look upon the burly truss
The bridge you thought you made will crumble into dust
Everything to be won and lost and to crave
Revealed in the sluice; a crashing down wave

I’ll give you one of those girls and you can be free
A promise, a truth, a fear which will it be?
Too many masks feature, in this strange play
Tracks in every direction, all leading the wrong way
Stop. Turnaround. Forget and go back
The wall is a maze; a code you’ll never crack



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