If death could be my friend

Posted: March 29, 2016 in Poetry, Uncategorized
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I’d like to know you better
You who hides in my daily fears
I’d like to hear you sing
Off pitch and you’re out of time
Death – the survivor of life
If I could only feel your touch
Like a feather faintly on my skin
We could be friends in the sun of cold spring
Clinging to dreams that melt away
We would sit on a wall, talk a while
Maybe I could see you up ahead
Like a raincloud blustering through
You’d be my forgotten umbrella
In the worst storm of my life
I wouldn’t share you and
When you came to take my hand
I wouldn’t be scared
What if everyday I was grateful?
Because you loved me just a little bit.
You could write my name in the sand
Tell me I was the only one
Sit with me in my sweet and lonely fear
Death tell me a story, where we’re together forever
You visited suddenly took some others away
But I knew you better and
If I remembered you like a first kiss
You’d be by my side and envelop me free
There’ll be nothing left except
The exhale of my very last breath
I’d wish I’d known you better
You are my whole life, death.


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