All of your systems are down

Posted: March 8, 2016 in Poetry

You never even saw me.
Blind drunk and full of rage, you were
Trying too hard, to make your boring life
Stand out from your story’s page.

You fell in an instant.
Out of favour with your own mind,
Sobbing in the dark, deranged.
Failing to see, too lost to find.

I was there all the time.
Watching you wanting more,
Another drink, a better time, a folded hand.
Now you’re crawling back to bland.

Don’t think I’m yours to vanquish,
My spirit you could never quell,
This downtrodden fear, it thunders,
Up from that old forgotten well.

Now I really see you.
It’s only you that can allay this pain.
The broken pieces of hurt are lost – forgotten.
For I will never show myself again.



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