Training, what training?

Posted: October 10, 2015 in Blogs
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Just over 24 hours to go until the Great Eastern Run; sounds much more impressive than the Peterborough Half Marathon. The ‘Great’ run, sounds epic. I’ve done a lot of running events in the past and tend to do the local ones year in, year out. I collected medals in a shoe box but then they had to go; as a minimalist a box full of metal and ribbon is of little point. Use it or lose it! Generally speaking I’m a little more prepared than perhaps I am this year. It’s amazing that for someone trying desperately to simplify life, I’ve had very little time to train. Things got in the way, like job interviews, lazy dogs (that wouldn’t run with me!), other sports and sticky relationships. I like to pile on the pressure, and then berate myself for finding it tough.

Although I’ve done little specific training – by that I mean actual long distances – on the plus side I’m feeling fairly fit. Pre-season hockey fitness, which has transgressed into all year round fitness, has been a blessing in disguise. Definitely in disguise; sprinting for an hour is not a blessing. However much it’s jazzed up to sprinting between lampposts, up and down hills and steps, against some twenty-something real life sprinter. Every Tuesday, well more like most Tuesdays, it’s an hour of fitness and an hour and a half of hockey training. Total madness, even for me who runs on Christmas day without fail and ran ten miles on my 30th birthday with a group of friends. The hope is that all this fitness training will have prepared me enough for approximately two hours of running. Maybe I should just sprint all the way?!

After what seems like a really tough recent few months, but in reality not that long, this half marathon is going to need to be a great run. It’s going to be the icing on the cake and the closure to some of this ridiculous stress. I don’t anticipate the first six miles being a problem, that kind of distance is my optimum and I can enjoy it. The second leg will be the mentally and physically challenging bit. I also forgot to mention that I’ve still got to get through a league hockey match first – the day before. That is, get through without getting my knees smashed to pieces, my skin sandpapered off or my head smashed open. Not to mention the depleted glycogen stores. Only then can I run.

I also have a few less selfish motivations; it’s very true that I use running to quite literally run away from things, it’s freeing in many ways. However, tomorrow I run with a friend and colleague who has recently made running his antipasti for life, something he can be very proud of. I’m sure he won’t mind me saying that it has helped him, like so many others, get fit, lose weight and feel good as well as constantly improve in time and distance. I’m pretty sure he will be the one giving me a run for my money tomorrow!

Ah yes, that’s the last thing, money! Darren and I both work for Wood Green The Animals Charity, looking after up to twenty dogs every day. We’ve had a taster of one new improved kennel door but we still have 17 old ones to replace. The new doors are double glazed and will make a huge difference to the warmth and comfort of the dogs. Not only that, they are significantly more soundproofed, reducing the levels of disruption from people and dogs passing by. They also form a complete seal, which we don’t currently have, gaps in the door fittings means that as well as noise, smells, noses and paws can all pass through. There are a few ways you can help us! Come and support us and cheer us on our way (I’m going to need it), I had three hugs from spectators during the London Marathon – it made all the difference. Details can be found on the Perkins Great Eastern Run website, the run takes place in Peterborough. If it’s too cold, maybe raining and you fancy an extended lie in, sponsor us, you can do it from bed:

Or by text, even easier:

TEXT RACE MINNIE to 70300 to donate £3

TEXT RACE DARREN to 70300 to donate £3

Texts charged at £3 plus your standard network rate. We will receive 100% of your donation.

Thank you to everyone for your support in whichever way you can show it.






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