A life less ordinary

Posted: June 13, 2015 in Blogs
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Seven months after the purchase of Vanda the wonder van I still own a house. Relinquishing mortgage payments and freeing myself from the expensive bills could not come quick enough. It’s funny to think that while most thirty somethings are desperately trying to lever themselves onto the property ladder, I am teetering from it, about to fling myself off into what others might consider a bowl of custard. I hope proper van life will commence soon enough, until then I flounder, rather proudly, with the notion of my ‘Travels With Charley’ adventure. I also still need the dog, ho hum!

Still, the downsizing and minimalising part is going well. I have allowed myself the liberty of packing one box of things to keep, that won’t stay in the van with me. The minimalist lifestyle that I covet would probably frown upon even this. I have managed to let go of all the notes I once passed in class and the journal I wrote when I was 17, so why shouldn’t I keep my London Marathon medal, at least just for a few more years! Everything else I own will be with me in Vanda. Perhaps not so sensible to share this information so freely or i may be in danger of burglary. Come on down to a street near me if you are in the market for an array of multicoloured hockey socks or enough green tea to detox a troupe of wannabe yogis.

After fifteen years I have just managed to part with my A level Sport Studies work – folders of diligence and toil. I’m not sure why they have hung around so long, but after respectable GCSEs and before a disastrous university experience, that A level was a real bit of me. I can’t say that I have ever worked so hard for anything and enjoyed it so much. But that was then and now, well now I have a job that I care about, after so many that I have not. It’s one that on occasion quite literally brings me to my knees and reduces me to tears but it’s worth all the pain in the world. I really don’t know how people that are responsible for human lives cope in their jobs; they must be made of stronger stuff than me.

Soon I venture into a life more purposeful. One where I don’t pay for internet, or have a TV license, or spend half my wages on mortgage and bills. I’m saying goodbye to oven cooking, electricity bills and having to clean the bathroom on my day off. There will be no hoarding of stuff and no need to buy anymore because I won’t have room. The green open spaces around me will be my garden, the gym my bathroom, the world will be my playground and quite possibly I will soon be coming to a living room near you, to lounge on your sofa and charge my electric toothbrush. Hopefully I’ll be less selfish, more sociable and take less for granted.

What’s the point? Well the point is there are countless people in this world with money, big houses and nice cars. People living the American Dream, people keeping up with the Jones’, people in debt, people miserable and listless. Who says this society is right and who is challenging it? What about the people that have little that are happy; that live for their family and thrive? What about the homeless people that once had a house, a job, a family? The point is I think we’ve got it wrong and I want less. Once I’ve paid off my debt I plan to spend some of my disposable income buying the homeless pasties and Doritos, and their dogs a tonne of Schmakos.

Coming to a roadside or driveway near you soon! Knock on for a cup of tea and come and get your van kicks or even just humour me in mine.

  1. ktg4him says:

    wow! I’d love to follow your journey! God bless you!!!

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