Posted: October 4, 2013 in Poetry

That day was the third chance.
We sat under shade, allured
by chairs and table of carved wood.
We guessed the price, I too much
and you, you looked at the tag.
We had coffee and yesterday’s scone
all dry and disappointing; filled
with the home maker’s scorn.
We both toyed with exclusive cafetieres,
drank from cups with unmatching saucers.
I should have had the chocolate cake instead.
We conferred six weeks felt like six months,
it’s criminal we love each other,
he said.
But we can’t seem to be together
I said.
There were beads of sweat on your hairline
from the sun or the hangover.
We talked long past coffee and cake
our tear stained faces gave reason
for the unpaid bill;
the waitress no longer troubled that we might bolt.
You held my hand, the other dabbed my face,
it was like mopping a floor with a single thread.
Eventually we moved.
We chose charms together
frogs, buttons, hearts and fairies…
strung them up on £1.50
I don’t know anyone else
that would pick those things for me, make it, love it
tacky and proud.
Adorned i am charmed,
a third time lucky, charm.


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