Posted: October 1, 2013 in Poetry

Drip, drip, days the bathroom tap
as I sit and state in the mirror.
Who is that girl, who is that face?
That is a question I cannot answer.

The wall as my pillar I sit slumped.
Hold on, don’t let go, not yet.
Legs weak, I cannot stand.
Spirit’s wild. Given up?

Drip, drip, it does annoy me.
I could move, my room is across the hall.
It’s bare so I can the think,
furniture interrupts thoughts and rooms.

Instead, I listen to the cry of the tap.
As anger streams from my eyes.
Crying? Wild ones don’t cry.
Oh yes they do, they cry.

Tired, worn out, spent heart.
Eyes that just don’t see.
The drone of the pipes soothe my pain.
Some sort of game? Are you mad?

Drip, drip, it’s driving me insane,
eyes close, let go of the rail.
Fall to the floor… and sleep.
Sleep rescues me from the fear and the madness.


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